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Safety in Our Firm

MIG Corporation’s greatest concern is the safety of our workforce. Our mission is to accomplish our work in the safest possible manner.


The MIG Corporation performs approximately 140,000 person-hours annually. Creating a corporate safety culture at our jobsites continues to be one of highest corporate goals. We are continually instilling the responsibility in all our employees that they have the duty to prevent an unsafe work place.

Safety is of utmost importance in the planning of all company projects in order to protect employees against occupational accidents, injuries, and illnesses, and to protect the company against unnecessary financial burden and inefficiency. Implementing an active Safety Program on site is a key accountability factor for site management and for each employee.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility. If each employee remains alert to the possibility of an accident occurring and takes the necessary actions to ensure that hazards are corrected immediately, potential accidents can be eliminated.


The GOAL is to create a unified family on the jobsite where employees continually watch out for each other and recognize how critical it is to maintain a working culture that ensures everyone will return home SAFELY!


Working together, we can ensure a safe workplace and a profitable company future.

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