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Bridge Reconstruction, Warwick, RI

Value: $20 million



Client: Rhode Island DOT



Project Highlights: Centerville Road No. 684, I-95 Northbound and Southbound. Design build job of 6 bridge deck demolition and reconstruction.

Other Details:  SPMT bridge replacement method via 24/7 continuous work week over 10 day to minimize local roadway closures. 


 Bridge Replacement, Greenfield, MA

Value: $19.3 million 

Client: Mass DOT 

Project Highlights: Two steel Bridge Replacements, I-91 (northbound and southbound) over PAN AM RR. Complete bridge demolition and reconstruction.

Other Details: Phased to maintain I-91 traffic and support of exhaustion for roadways and railroad tracks


Seawall Repairs and Improvements, Quincy, MA

Value: $13 million 

Client: Town of Quincy

Project Highlights: Adams Shore and Hough's Neck Seawall repairs and improvements. 7,500 cubic feet of seawall demolition and reconstruction. 

Other Details: Raised tide protection barrier 2 V.F., drainage outfalls, and helical pile foundations. 

Pedestrian Bridge, Acton and Concord, MA

Value: $10 million

Client: MassDOT

Project Highlights: Federal Aid Project NO. CMQ-003S(318) Construction of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail (BRFT) Phase 2B. 4,500 linear feet of rail removal and bike trail construction within 3 bridge structures.

Other Details: One bridge structure under Route 2 Eastbound and Westbound for wildlife crossing. Another bridge structure over Nashoba Brook. Lastly, one bridge structure over Route 2 Eastbound and Westbound.


Bridge Repairs, Quincy, MA

Value: $9 million

Client: MassDOT

Project Highlights: Bridge construction BR NO. Q-01-031 Burgin Parkway Access Road over MBTA Red line (pre-fabricated bridge unites). Construction of new commuter bridge over MBTA railroad. 

Other Details: Drilled shaft foundations, support of excavation, water, sewer, and drainage reconstruction, roadway reconstruction and widening of Burgin Parkway. 

Bridge Repairs, Sterling, MA

Value: $6.2 million

Client: Mass DOT

Project Highlights: Repairs on 6 Bridges on a section of I-90

Other Details: Bridge superstructure and substructure repairs in addition to concrete deck repairs. Reconstruction of the bridge joints. 


Bridge Replacement & Widening, Yarmouth, MA

Value: $4 million 

Client: Town of Yarmouth 

Project Highlights: Parkers River Bridge complete replacement and widening. Complete bridge demolition and reconstruction in 2 phases to maintain traffic flow of Route 28.

Other Details: Constructed steel sheeted cofferdams, to maintain control of water, as well as H-Pile foundations and a pedestrian bridge for temporary use. 


Bridge Repairs, Waltham, MA

Value: $2.7 million

Client: MassDOT

Project Highlights: Federal Aid Project NO. STP(BR-OFF)-0034(160), Bridge replacement BR NO. W-04-006 (next beams) Word Avenue over the Charles Rivers. 

Other Details: Complete bridge demolition and reconstruction. Drilled H-Pile foundations, control of water/dewatering , precast bridge substructure/superstructure with water, sewer, and drain line. Reconstruction and roadway reconstruction.


JOB 173 - Townsend, MA

Value: $2.7 million

Client: MassDOT

Project Highlights: Bridge demolition and reconstruction along with a temporary bridge construction and removal.

Other Details: Temporary MSE walls in addition to temporary signalization system. 

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