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Clean Energy Initiative

In 2001, MIG commissioned a 260 kw Solar Photovaltaic system for our Westborough Facility. We at MIG want to preserve our Earth and the many resources it offers. In order to do that it has been our goal to consume alternative sources of energy for our office spaces in lieu of power plants fossil fuels. 

Our system consists of 1001 Sunvia Wp modules that have a total DC of 260,260 watts of power. Mounted on the roof of our Westborough location, they generate and provide clean reliable energy.

In 2018, MIG installed an additional solar array on it's facility in Acton, MA. It consists of 222, 355 watt, Hyundai photovaltic panels and 5 Solaredge inverters . The total DC capacity of the panels s 78.81Kw of power, which supplies more than a third of the building's annual electricity needs. 

Check out our DECK Solar Energy Monitoring System 

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