Completed Projects

Some of our Completed Projects:

Oak Bluffs Terminal Dock Repairs

Oak Bluffs, MA

Value: $949,611.00

Client: Massachusetts Steamship Authority

Project Highlights: Repairs to the exisiting timber pier and existing fender system at the Oak Bluffs Ferry Terminal. Timber pier repairs consisting of installing new timber piles, timber pile wraps, UHMW shims, timber pile posts, new timber decking and pile caps. Fender repairs include replacing existing cell fenders as well as modifications to the exisiting concrete dolphins and steel fender panels.


Bridge Superstructure Replacement, Rt 9 Belmont St.

Worcester, MA

Value: $10.8 million

Client: MassDOT

Project Highlights: Complete superstructure replacement, as well as extending and modifying the existing abutments and replacement of the center pier to accomodate the new superstructure. Other work includes Rt 9 roadway widening, roadway profile adjustments, excavation and removal of the existing pavement, placement of a new pavement structure, new highway guardrail, new approach sidewalks, replacement of existing traffic signals, drainage improvements, and resetting of roadway lighting.


Replacement of Great Island Bridge

Narragansett, RI

Value: $8.5million

Client: RI DOT

Project Highlights: Replacement of bridge and reconstruction of highway approaches. Other work included temporary support of excavation, reinforced highway embankments, coastal wetland migration work, drainage systems, water main construction, temporary traffic signals, maintenance and protection of traffic, pavement markings, signage, clearing, and erosion controls.


Bridge Replacement, Rt 9 over Reservoir Outlet

Framingham, MA 

Value: $7.6 million

Client: MassDOT

Project Highlights: Replaced an existing bridge carrying Route 9 over Reservoir Outlet in Framingham. Prefabricated Bridge Units consisting of pairs of steel beams and precast concrete deck, pre-cast integral abutment and wingwalls used to allow for shorter construction duration. The work also included modification of the existing abutment, wingwall construction, and  construction of new pile-supported integral abutments.


Bridge Rehabilitation, Interstate 291 over Page Blvd.

Springfield, MA

Value: $4 million

Client: MassDOT

Project Highlights: Rehabilitation of bridge and associated roadway approach work. Complete replacement of the concrete deck and joints, concrete repairs to the abutments, addition of the moment slabs along the wingwalls, and paint repairs to the structural steel.  The work also included furnishing all temporary traffic control measures and temporary shoring necessary to safely stage the reconstruction as required.


Scheduled & Emergency Bridge Structural Repairs

Various Locations, District 2, MA

Value: $5.5 million

Client: MassDOT

Project Highlights: Non-routine and emergency sructural repairs to both railroad and highway bridges throughout District 2. Structural repairs of commuter railroad bridges, demolition and backfill, construction of precast concrete pedestrial underpass railroad crossing, steel stringers and bearing replacement, masonry arch repairs and wingwall stabilization, precast concrete deck repair and replacement.


Bridge Replacement Fiskdale Rd. over the Quabog River

Brookfield, MA

Value: $3.3 million

Client: MassDOT

Project Highlights: Complete replacement of bridge and associated roadway approach work. Rapid bridge construction techniques utilized in order to reduce project duration and minimize negative traffic-related impacts to the traveling public. Existing bridge removed in stages and proposed bridge and approach roadway also constructed in stages.


Precast Beam & Deck Erection & Pile Driving on the Replacement of the Central Bridge on Rt. 114

Barrington, RI

Value: $4.7 million

Client: Cardi Corp.

Project Highlights: Furnish and install temporary earth support system and permanenet sheet piling at the toe of riprap slopes.Provide concrete filled steel pipe piles, cutting off piles at specified elevations, and coating the piles at the specified locations. Foundation piles driven to a sufficient depth and resisteance to adequately develop their specified load supporting capacity Test piles driven to a driving resistance determined from a Wave Equation Analysis.


Bridge Replacement using Accelerated Bridge Construction Techniques

Morton St. over the MBTA Railroad

Boston, MA

Value: $6.4 million

Client: MassDOT

Project Highlights: Bridge replacment comprised of single span composite steel stringers with an exposed concrete deck. Also site clearing, cutting and capping abandoned utilty services, fencing, temporary support systems for floors, roof, walls and pilasters; removal of asbestos containing material, removal and disposal of hazardous materials

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